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(to achieve excellence in results 80% +)

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Trying to help your child improve or even pass the grade?

We are designing a course for each grade and subject according to CAPS, therefore you as a learner, parent or teacher can learn according to what should be taught in CAPS and improve results.

Formal exams are included. Some tests get marked by our intelligent system, and others are marked by teachers across South Africa to help improve your child’s results.

Currently only available for Grade 1, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7Grade 8, Grade 9 and Grade 12 – You can find it under the grade as Online CAPS tests and exams.

Enrolling in future Online courses will be automatic for each grade and subject.

Progress will also be shown during the course to keep you as a parent or learner updated on your progress.

CAPS Grade 8 and 4 English course

Each subject will have an outline according to CAPS, and things CAPS does not include which we call filling the GAPS for CAPS.

CAPS Grade 4 English exams and tests online

A correct green mark will show when you complete the lesson and quiz (test) 80% +  or less sometimes is needed to move on. Lessons and tests can be taken as many times as you wish

Articles Grade 4 Online tests CAPS

Online CAPS exams completed save or reset it

Other grades and subjects will follow as we progress.

Certificate of completion will be emailed to Best Education parents, learners or schools when you complete all online lessons.

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