Gr. 2 Rainbow English Home Language Book 1

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Gr. 2 Rainbow English Home Language Book 1

Gr. 2 Rainbow English HL Book 1

IndexGr. 2 Rainbow English HL Book 1

Gr. 2 Rainbow English HL Book 1 Index
Back to school
I am back at school
My uniform
A new boy at school
Welcome to our school
School sport
I like sport
The nurse comes to school
The nurse says …
We eat at school
The food we eat
We must do homework
I always do my homework
Important dates

Different families
My family
I went to a wedding
I had such fun at the wedding
My good friends
About my friends
We care for our pets
Our pets
Keeping our home clean
At home
We all exercise
Exercise and sport
We try to eat well
The goat in the garden
My big family
I like to help

The good news
About our trip
Where are we going?
I want to see ….
Through the rural village
Through the forest
Driving in the city
Ben runs away
We see the big five
More animals
We are at the beach
We are still at the beach
Time to go home
Travelling back
We are back in class
Back at school

The storm
The hail storm
After the hail storm
I once saw snow
The soft white snow
The four seasons
The season I like best
Will it rain today?
Weather charts
Jabu is late for school
Telling the time
What is the time?
What time did you …?
Dressing for the weather
My newspaper

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