Gr. 3 Rainbow English Home Language Book 1

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Gr. 3 Rainbow English Home Language Book 1

Gr. 3 Rainbow English HL Book 1

IndexGr. 3 Rainbow English HL Book 1

Gr. 3 Rainbow English HL Book 1 Index
I am back at school
About my school
Teacher has a birthday
My secret birthday wish
Sports day
Fun day at school
Sports day is washed away
After sports day
The school shed is on fire
Fire safety
Library day
Reading books
Things we like
Who likes what?
A strange visitor at our school
The school goat

My favourite cousin
My cousin
A family visit
On my way to visit my cousin
We get there at last
What we did together
The lost teddy bear
Finding things
Tumi gets lost
Child safety
Our grandfather’s birthday picnic
Parties and picnics
A healthy family
Keeping time
My grandmother’s story
A family story

Places to visit
Where should we go?
Table Mountain
Writing a newspaper
Look at all the fish
The Aquarium
Reading the news
The Addo Elephant Park
Planning my week
Gold Reef City
Fun at Gold Reef City
Travelling back home
About our trip
Let’s write a story
Writing my own news

The lion and the mouse
The big lion and the tiny mouse
The hare and the tortoise
Let’s race
The sun and the wind
The big contest
Bongi rides around
Bongi’s bike ride
Bongi cleans up the litter
The big clean-up
Deep sea diving
Under the sea
The ant world
More about ants
About reading
Let’s write a story

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