Gr. 4 Rainbow English Home Language Book 1

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Gr. 4 Rainbow English Home Language Book 1

Gr. 4 Rainbow English HL Book 1

IndexGr. 4 Rainbow English HL Book 1

Gr. 4 Rainbow English HL Book 1 Index
Playing the game
Thinking about the story
What happened next
Writing a story
Different kinds of nouns
Jabu scrambles eggs
What the book cover tells us
Write right
A page of poetry
Writing a poem of your own
A letter of nouns
A school trip for insect lovers
Butterfly?? ?where have you been?
Joining nouns
Sing a song
Let’s write a book

The boy who cried “wolf”
The boy who cried “spaceship”
Proverbs and suffixes
The leaf of many colours
What happens next
Retelling the story
Prefixes and proverbs
Reading a recipe
Working with pronouns
Whose are these?
Make a pompom chick
What’s in the news?
Telling the news
Presenting a speech
Writing a story

What about the weather?
And today’s weather is . . .
Using adjectives to describe nouns
It happened in the past
Reading for information
Giving information
Reading charts for information
Comparing things
Reading a story: What Lulu was like
Thinking about the characters
Writing a story
Verbs doing their work
Mandu’s secret diary
What are they like?
Verbs again
Planning to write a story

Reading fables
After the race
Telling the news
Verbs are busy words
The frog and the snail
Thinking about the frog and the snail
Subject, verb and object
What do you mean?
Making crumpets
Writing my own recipe
Giving directions
Reading maps
Where things are
Giving directions
Work out the recipe
Let’s write a book

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