Gr. 5 Rainbow English Home Language Book 1

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Gr. 5 Rainbow English Home Language Book 1

Gr. 5 Rainbow English HL Book 1

IndexGr. 5 Rainbow English HL Book 1

Gr. 5 Rainbow English HL Book 1 Index
Pele – a great soccer player
More about Pele
Portia reviews a soccer story
Writing a review
A change in attitude
Writing some more
Pele’s last game
Bringing it all together
A very special rabbit
More about the riverine rabbit
Numbers tell a sad story
Learning about rabbits
Wild and tame rabbits
A look at tame and wild rabbits
Looking at ?figures of speech
Another look at writing

Nothembi – a musician with a difference
More about Nothembi
Nothembi performs
News about Nothembi
She flies through the air
More about Edith
Writing a newspaper article
The Ant and the Dove
Thinking about the ant and the dove
Sorting out the folk tale
The Lion and the Mouse
Thinking about the Lion and the Mouse
Meghan reviews a fable
A folktale to end all folktales

Reading labels
More about directions
Making something to eat
More about food
A pot of soup
Soup, soup, glorious soup
An experiment with colour
Sort things out
And this is fashion
More about T-shirts
Learning about volleyball
More about sport
The dancing bee
Thinking about bees and honey
The amazing kangaroo
Thinking about kangaroos

Let’s do rhythm
Some more poetry
Working with words
Wow! What a strange poem!
Let’s be creative
Who am I?
How abstract can I get?
The creation myth of the San
Thinking about Mantis
The peacock earns a reward
More about the peacock
Anansi the greedy spider and the turtle
More about Anansi
How the zebra got its stripes
Make up your own myth


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