Gr. 9 Rainbow Mathematics Book 1

Gr. 9 Rainbow Mathematics Book 1

Gr. 9 Rainbow Maths Book 1

IndexGr. 9 Rainbow Maths Book 1

Gr. 9 Rainbow Maths Book 1 Index
Whole numbers and properties of numbers
Multiples and factors
Integers and patterns
Common fractions
Percentages and decimal fractions
Input and output
Financial mathematics
Geometric figures
Geometric objects
Perimeter and area
Volume and surface area
Real numbers, rational numbers and irrational numbers

Ratio, proportion and speed
What is direct proportion?
Indirect proportion
Finances – Budget, Loans and Interest
Finances – Hire Purchase
Finances – Exchange rates
Finances – Commissions and Rentals
Properties of numbers
Addition and subtraction of fractions
Addition and subtraction of fractions that include squares, cubes, square roots and cube roots
Multiplication of fractions
Division of fractions
Common fractions, decimal fractions and percentages
Addition, subtraction and rounding of decimal fractions
Multiple operations with decimals
Calculate squares, square roots, cubes and cube roots
Exponential form
Laws of exponents: am × an = am+n
Laws of exponents: am ÷ an = am-n
Laws of exponents:am ÷ an = am-n if m<n
Laws of exponents: a0 = 1 and (a × t)n = antn

Application of the law of exponents
Geometric and numeric patterns
Addition & subtraction of like terms
The product of a monomial and binomial or trinomial
The product of two binomials
More on the product of two binomials
Divide monomials and binomials
Factorise algebraic expressions
Divide a trinomial and polynomial by a monomial
Linear equations that contain fractions
Solve equations of the form: a product of factors equals zero
Construct angles and polygons using a protractor
Using a pair of compasses
Constructing triangles
Constructing quadrilaterals
Regular and irregular polygons
Construct a hexagon
Constructing a pentagon

Constructing an octagon
Interior angles of a triangle
Similar triangles
Congruent triangles
Lines and angles
Complementary and supplementary angles
Pairs of angles
Application of geometric figures and lines
Pythagorean theorem
Perimeter of a square and rectangle, area of a square and rectangle
Area of a triangle
Area of parallelograms and trapeziums
Area of a Rhombus and a kite
Area of a circle

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