Gr. 3 Rainbow Mathematics Book 1

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Gr. 3 Rainbow Mathematics Book 1

Gr. 3 Rainbow Maths Book 1

IndexGr. 3 Rainbow Maths Book 1

Gr. 3 Rainbow Maths Book 1 Index
Count, sort and show!
Clever counting
Numbers on a hundred board
Place value
Addition and subtraction
Doubles and halves
Sorting money
Balls, boxes and cylinders
Draw, name and compare 2D shapes
Time passes
Measuring length
Working with mass
Data handling
Compare and order numbers
Place value to 99
Putting tens together when we add to 99

Add on a number line
Subtract on a number line
It’s party time
Counting up to 200
Practice with 5s
Count in 2s
Money then and now
Count in 3s
What comes in 4s?
Patterns in numbers
It’s about time
Target 200
Working with groups of numbers
Putting tens together and taking them apart
A visit to the dentist
Add and combine
Solve it!
Count and calculate

Measuring in centimetres
Target 300
Adding and subtracting with 100s
Target 400
Weighing in
Target 500
Sharpen your skills
Building up to 500
Count in 2s
Pave with tiles
Using fives
Working with time
Count in 3s and 4s
Count in 50s
Fractions: halves and quarters
Fractions: halves, thirds and sixths
Fractions: fifths
3D objects
Double and half
Group and combine
Maths fun

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