Gr. 5 Rainbow Mathematics Book 1

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Gr. 5 Rainbow Mathematics Book 1

Gr. 5 Rainbow Maths Book 1

IndexGr. 5 Rainbow Maths Book 1

Gr. 5 Rainbow Maths Book 1 Index
Base Ten Counting
Numbers 0 – 10 000
Patterns in addition and subtraction 1 to 10 000
Multiples and Multiplication
Division and Factors
Number sentences
Ratio and Rate
Fraction problems
Money problems
Area and Perimeter
2-D Shapes and 3-D Objects
Data Handling
Numbers to 1 000
Numbers 0 to 10 000
Number sentences
Addition up to 4-digit numbers
Addition problems
Subtraction from 4-digit numbers
Subtraction problems

Addition and Subtraction problems up to 5-digit numbers
Patterns and tables
Patterns and flow diagrams
Number Patterns
Multiplication: 1-digit by 2-digits
Multiplication: 2-digits by 1-digit, 2-digits by 2-digits
Multiplication: 2-digits by 2-digits and 3-digits by 2-digits
Grouping and sharing problems
Division: 3-digit by 1-digit
Calculate time
Data handling
2–D shapes
Numbers 0 –20 000
Rounding off
Rounding off to the nearest 5
Completing numbers
Addition with up to 5-digit numbers
Subtraction up to 5-digit numbers
Adding and subtracting 4-digit numbers

Money problems
Saving, Buying and Selling
Equivalent and comparing fractions
Grouping and sharing leading to fractions
Fractions and division
Fractions: halves to twelfths
Addition and subtraction of fractions with the same denominators
Measuring instruments
Converting between lengths
Metres and fractions
Fractions through measurement
Multiplication: 2-digits by 3-digits and 4-digits by 1-digit
Multiples and factors

Distributive property of number
Multiplication: 3-digits by 2-digits
Flat or curved surfaces
Rectangular prisms and cubes
Polygons and circles
Making 3D objects
Geometric patterns
Investigate Patterns
Extend, describe and create patterns
Lines of symmetry
Sharing and grouping problems
Division without remainders using clue boards
Division with remainders
Division problems

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