Gr. 6 Rainbow Mathematics Book 1

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Gr. 6 Rainbow Mathematics Book 1

Gr. 6 Rainbow Maths Book 1


Grade 6 Rainbow Maths Workbook 1 Index
Base Ten counting
Numbers 0 to 100 000
Addition and Subtraction
Multiplication and multiples
Division and factors
Ratio and Rate
Money and fractions
Party time with fractions
How far for how long?
Area and perimeter
Mass and weight
2-D shapes and 3-D objects
Data handling
How many do you count? Numbers to 10 000
Numbers 0 to 100 000
Properties of numbers

Addition and subtraction up to 5-digit numbers
Subtraction up to 5-digit numbers
Fractional notation
Equivalent fractions and more
Addition and subtraction of fractions
Fractions of whole numbers (proportional sharing)
Percentages and fractions
Percentages and decimals
More time
2-D shapes and sides
2-D shapes and sides
Frequency tables
Mean, median and mode
Read graphs and interpret bar graphs and pie charts
All about number patterns
Numbers 0 – 200 000

Rounding off
Rounding off to the nearest five
Multiplication and prime factors
Multiplication and the distributive property
Multiplication using expanded notation and the vertical column methods
Multiplication and rounding off
3-D objects
Describing 3-D objects
Geometric patterns
Describing geometric patterns
Geometric patterns and tables
Refection symmetry
Sharing and grouping problems
Grouping and sharing

Division: multiple operations on whole numbers with or without brackets
Fractions through measurement
Decimal notation
Time in decimal form
Adding and subtracting decimals
Place value of digits to at least two decimal places
Compare and order decimal fractions to at least two decimal places
Multiplying with decimals
Volume and capacity
Estimating, measuring and recording capacity
Millilitres to kilometres

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