Gr. 4 CAPS English FAL Book 1

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Gr. 4 CAPS English FAL Book 1

Gr. 4 CAPS English FAL Book 1

IndexGr. 4 CAPS English FAL Book 1

Grade 4 CAPS English FAL Workbook 1 Index
Mandu’s running shoes
Mandu’s Story
My story
Countable and uncountable nouns
Why Mapula did not come to school
After the fire
Let’s race
Getting it right
Girl rescues her brother
Best friends to the rescue
Writing a newspaper article
Getting it right
Finding your way
It’s happening right now
Play the Tense Game
Let’s write a story

The hare and the tortoise
The animal race
Working with words
Join them up!
The lion and the mouse
Planning a story
Sometimes I…
Making a fruit salad
Make a sandwich
Going visiting
It took five hours by train
Little train on the track
Looking at language
Custard my pet dragon
Writing your story

Michael gets a pet
Planning to write a letter
More than one
More about me
The terrible twins
The magic sentence-maker
Describing things
Nouns, verbs and adjectives
It’s the second term
Our busy week
What do insects look like?
Buying a backpack
Rain or shine
It all depends on the weather
Can you remember?
More about tenses

Frog and Crow get the wrong message
More about the crow and the Frog
Writing a story
Just checking
What do insects look like?
The ugly duckling
The verb to be
Let’s make faces
My recipe for …
What happened yesterday
Using adverbs
Butterflies flutter by
Write instructions
Getting it right
Writing your story

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