Gr. 5 CAPS English FAL Book 1

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Gr. 5 CAPS English FAL Book 1

Gr. 5 CAPS English FAL Book 1

IndexGr. 5 CAPS English FAL Book 1

Grade 5 CAPS English FAL Workbook 1 Index
A story with a moral
The hiss of the snake
A blind brave girl
A special day
An autobiography
My Autobiography
A very clever girl
Writing a story about Matilda
Fantastic foods
More about being healthy
Meet some African elephants
Thinking about elephants
Sharks matter
More about sharks
Touring Africa
More about Africa

A wonderland party
More about Alice
Have you been invited to the party?
Sending a message
Banding together
Learning language
Advertising a concert
My concert
Making bread
More about bread
Make something tasty
Some more cooking
Fly through the air
More information writing
Growing a plant
Puzzle it out

Nelson Mandela
More about Mandela
Some humorous writing
Writing about a book
Tell a tale
Complete the tale
Now let’s read a fable
Writing about a fable
The weather forecast
More about the weather
More about the universe
Book Fair
More about books
Spinning a web
More about spiders

Me and others
Things I wish for
You can fly
More about the eagle
Some humorous writing
More about the Wimpy Kid
Choosing a leader
More about leadership
Going from place to place
More about Bheki
Let’s make porcupines
Making something tasty
Exam butterflies
Communicating with others
Following instructions
My own instructions

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