Gr. 6 CAPS English FAL Book 1

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Gr. 6 CAPS English FAL Book 1

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IndexGr. 6 CAPS English FAL Book 1

Grade 6 CAPS English Book 1 Index
Joe plays soccer after all
Thinking about the game
Writing a story
Getting it right
Our vegetable garden
Puzzles and poems
Word families
Just checking
What’s in the news?
Planning your news article
The food we eat
More about language
News from the sea
Making unsafe places safe
Thinking about safety
Play the Tense Game

Michael gets a pet
The tale of the tail
Proper nouns
And now for the action
The aliens have landed!
Meeting an alien
Join them up!
Just checking
About town
What’s on the box?
Working with words
Feeling negative
About space
Out of this world
Looking at language
Who owns it?

The brave little fish
More about the brave little fish
Writing your story
Demonstrative pronouns
The Lion King story
The lion sleeps tonight
Fun with language
Tense game
Animals big and small
Sharing our world with animals
Join them up!
Whose is it?
A radio interview
Thinking about the stars
About me
Can you remember?

A story about Myrtle the turtle
Caring for sea animals
Myrtle writes a letter
The little turtle
City or village
Language urban and rural
Spreading the news
Caring for our environment
Our safety
Thinking about safety
Designing a questionnaire
Looking at language
On the internet
More map work
Finding your way

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