Gr. 3 CAPS English FAL Book 1​

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Gr. 3 CAPS English FAL Book 1​

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IndexGr. 3 CAPS English FAL Book 1

Grade 3 CAPS English FAL Book 1 Index
Thinking about our holidays
Nomsa went to the farm
About farm life
Jabu went to the zoo
Sports Day
It’s Sport Day
The games we play
What I like to do
We like reading
Reading a book
A big family
My own family
We keep our home clean
Visiting granny
Just checking

Ann writes a letter
What Nomsa and Ann will do
Ann visits Nomsa
Let’s start cooking
Visiting Thabo
Planning our trip
Getting ready to go
We see a new town
We go on a boat
On the island
To the mountain
On the mountain
Flying back home
After our trip
Just checking
At what time?
About time
Seasons and weather
Reading a weather chart
After the storm

We work in our garden
We grow vegetables
Just checking

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