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Grade 1 English Home Language June Exam paper and memo

June Grade 1 English Home Language Exam

Download: June Grade 1 English Home Language Exam with memo

Gr. 1 June English HL exam contains instructions to assist learners with reading the exam paper, two times, provide feedback with difficult questions, and writing the answers down in the booklet provided to the Grade 1 learner.

Comprehension is a story with questions about a dog or other related topics for learners. Grade 1 comprehension includes; circle the correct answer, underline the right answer, fill in the answer questions, and fill in the correct word on a blank line.

June exams include language with phonics. They are using a block with words to complete sentences. Unscramble letters to make a word. Consists of a picture or pictures with each scrambled word. Rewrite a sentence with correct punctuation marks.

Some language sections also include pictures to draw lines between each image and the correct word.

Handwriting for Gr. 1  June exams will be straight forward.
Copy a sentence and use correct letters formation and spacing. A cartoon is included to allow learners to write a short story about the animation.

Handwriting for grade 1 learners is hard for learners. Make sure to use everyday vocabulary with punctuations when they write the June exam papers.

Finally, we also include the memo for June Grade 1 English Home Language Exam. Mark the paper by using the guides we give. You will be able to mark the June paper and also look at the mark allocations and what teachers mark.

Have a great June exam.

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