The best education systems in the world - 2019

Let’s face it. If your country does not have a proper education system, you are already a few years behind. Cutting-edge discoveries are made mostly in Universities with amazing students who do the research. It starts with the Best Education system from a young age, without early age development, no county will be fit to rank as the BEST.
Best Education analysed each country in the world and gave them a score on a preception-based global survey, which used an accumulation of scores from equally weight countries attributes. Areas we had scored countries include but is not limited to:

  1. a well-developed public education system
  2. systematical evaluation of each age group within the school system
  3. would a student consider attending university in the country
  4. quality of education system from early age development
  5. newest cutting-edge researches by universities
  6. drop-out rate
  7. learning of skills on a global level
  8. school life expectancy
  9. population by the highest level of education
  10. school/university infrastructure
  11.  measures on teachers – for example, pupil to teacher ratio.

Best Education took all areas into account. Visits were done during March 2019 – July 2019.

Now for the significant result. Top 5 Countries in the World with the Best Education to offer learners.

No. 5 - Best Education Country in the world


Singapore or officially the Republic of Singapore is an island city-state in Southeast Asia.

Students excelled in most of the world education benchmark tests. Mathematics, Science and reading are some of the areas the students outdid other countries.

Pre-school offered from age three. English is the primary language of subjects, but mother tongue languages in regions are also a common practice.

best education system singapore

At the end of secondary school, all students take an exam, and can then choose to continue to pre-university education if they score well. Pre-universities offer courses between two and three years.

Ministry of Education – Singapore offers free education to all its citizens, although some costs are excluded, for example, informs, transport or stationary.

No. 4 - Best Education Country in the world


In the Netherlands, students start school from the age of 4 years.  Secondary education follows with vocational education or higher education before entering university levels.

The Netherlands are mostly Dusch speaking, but over the years universities have developed, and some even offer more than 100 degrees. The best-scored university was Delft University of Technology. Delft has around 17 000 students with about 4000 international students.

We found most of the teachers to be overqualified in the Netherlands. Teachers are dedicated, professional and approachable like the Ministry of Education wrote on the official website.

Other universities we were blown away by and are also included in the Top 100 universities in the world:

Wageningen University & Research
University of Amsterdam
Leiden University
Erasmus University Rotterdam

No. 3 - Best Education Country in the world


Boy o boy. The Swedish do things differently. Pre-schooling offered from the age of one! You read it right ONE! At least 3 hours of school for learners with parents who are working, unemployed, studying or parental leave. It’s every child, to be honest.

From 2015 Sweden is making applauding acceleration in education. Sweden rakes 3rd in the world of students completing between 15 – 18 of age and 6th in the world for age 5 to 13.

Sweden writes national tests in grade 3, 6 and 9 to ensure all students are assessed equivalently (same as South Africa).
Thanks, Signe, Tilda, Fanny and Ebba for explaining the Sweden school system to us when we visited them.

No. 2 - Best Education Country in the world


Japan’s education system maintained its second position for three years.

The leading indicator contributes to developing learners from age 5 to 14. Learners need to clean up after themselves, work in groups or teams and 100% of pupils in the country attend school.

School is five days a week, but most schools have “optional” classes on Saturdays. Only a few learners do not attend school on Saturdays.

Schools start at 8:45 am till 3:15 pm. More than half of the learners have after-school clubs in the evening to do extra studying.

best education japan in the world

No. 1 - Best Education Country in the world


  • Finland’s intellectual and educational reforms have entirely revolutionized its educational system.
  • The Finnish system doesn’t encourage cramming or standardized tests.
  • Finland’s common-sense practices and a holistic teaching environment strives for equity over excellence.

Accountability for teachers (not required)

A lot of the blame goes to the teachers and rightfully so sometimes. However, in Finland, the bar is set so high for teachers, that there is often no reason to have a rigorous “grading” system for teachers. 

Pasi Sahlberg, director of the Finnish Ministry of Education and writer of Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? Said that following about teachers’ accountability:

"There's no word for accountability in Finnish… Accountability is something that is left when responsibility has been subtracted."

Starting school at an older age

Students start school when they are seven years old. They’re given free rein in the developing childhood years not to be chained to compulsory education. It’s merely a way to let a kid be a kid.

Finland has nine years of compulsory school that learners are required to attend. Everything past the 9th grade or at the age of 16 is optional.

South Africa

Ranked 138th in the world!  

–  World Economic Forum


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