The Future of education in Africa


The Future of education in Africa

Free Education Africa is a new mobile app and website for learners in Africa. It’s where all learners no matter their age can come to learn for free in levels.

Students can, therefore, be on any level from 1 – 6 depending on their development and understanding of content. Levels make it possible for any teacher to also use the App or the website in classes or on learners individual devices.

Free Education Africa is a free service Best Education Solutions.

Free Education Africa was developed with a strong belief in respect for one another and building bridges between ideas amongst future generations in Africa.

Why Free Education for Africa?

“We are busy with the development of content under each level in English, Afrikaans and Maths.

Our team are working around the clock to bring Africa on board to create our own jobs and not allowing the East or West to invade our countries. We need to create jobs and educate our society to create our own world with African values (trust, love and ubunto).

We encourage all Africans to join in creating a better world for everyone.” – Wright Kotzee, Founder of Best Education Solutions.

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