The future of money in Africa


Africa has a new currency

It’s time to get rid of all your cash and get some Bitcoin today.
Africa is in a very good position right now with the USA and China war on Hong Kong, Taiwan and other islands around China.

In South Africa, we have a stronger rand against the Dollar for now. This may change in the months to come.

There will only be 1 currency in Africa. Bitcoin.

Any Crypto that is not part of a government system is the best to pick.


Therefore Bitcoin is world recognised and will keep value way above your country currency.

Now is the time to start a new business or sell goods globally.
Africa has all the resources. Let’s keep our Africa countries open to trade, but also keep our governments accountable for the corruption it has. No more will we suffer as poor people.

Global trade is now more possible for everyone in Africa.

Where can I buy Bitcoin? 

A new World Bank called Crypterium. They will let you buy Bitcoin and other assists, plus send you a card to pay for services and products.  You will even be able to withdraw local money if you need to. 

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