What is Sunexchange? How will it help Eskom?


The future of electricity in South Africa.

What is Sunexchange? 

The company is based in Cape Town, South Africa. They install solar power devices in communities to help them keep the lights on. SunExchange designed it with blockchain technology with a smart contract via Ethereum and Bitcoin. Investors will get a passive income for as long as they keep the SUNEX token. 

A cleaner better life with environmental benefits. 

For the time being it seems as if the token sale has ended. However, one company in South Africa did invest in SUNEX. JSE company AIL, ARC (African Rainbow Capital investments Ltd) 

This is just the start with blockchain technology taking a massive entrance into the South African market. 

Soon we expect Tymebank and Rain Mobile to dominated the industries.  

What about Eskom?

Eskom will most possibly still function the same way for a few years. However, if Eskom does not transform their current power stations to Solar or Wind power, the taxpayers will still have to pay more and more for sustainable power. If Sunexchange is on the sidelines, Eskom will be phased out over time and Solar will be the biggest power generation in South Africa by 2025. 

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How to invest in SunExchange on the JSE?

You can buy stocks in 

AIL, ARC (African Rainbow Capital investments Ltd) 

Any broker will be fine, or do it on your own with EasyEquities. 

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