A treatment for COVID-19 was right under our noses…


Coronavirus cure found - Dexamethasone

There has been a surprising development in therapies for COVID-19.

Research results just demonstrated that a common steroid is effective at treating patients who are hospitalised with COVID-19.

The steroid is called dexamethasone, and it has been shown to reduce the death rate by 35% for those on ventilators and 20% for those on oxygen.

Get this – dexamethasone was approved 59 years ago to treat rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. It’s in mass production and widely available right now. And that means it’s also cheap.

So after scrambling for the last four months in search of a COVID-19 treatment, it turns out we had one under our noses this entire time. How’s that for ironic?

And this is the first study to demonstrate efficacy for the most severe cases of COVID-19.

The caveat, though, is that the research hasn’t been published yet, so it hasn’t been peer-reviewed. We’ll want to watch for that to be sure.

Still, the medical community has had very positive things to say about this study. In fact, I was on a call with Dr. Ashish Jha from the Harvard Global Health Institute this week, and he made some upbeat comments about dexamethasone.

Dr. Jha was excited about the fact that the drug is widely available, cheap, and simple to administer. That makes it easy to treat the most severe COVID-19 patients anywhere in the world.

Others in the medical community have echoed this sentiment. Even former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the dexamethasone study was encouraging.

And as a bonus, this will prompt researchers to conduct studies that combine dexamethasone with other therapies that are currently in trials. There may be combination therapies that produce even better results.

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