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We have more than 4000 CAPS resources applicable to all provinces in South Africa for learners, parents or teachers. We specialise in exam papers and memos currently being written at schools across South Africa. All schools have to follow CAPS, and this is why all parents, teachers, schools and Education Specialist will find Best Education a correct fit for their needs.

Not only do we have Exam papers and memos, but we also have other resources for example worksheets, Downloadable CAPS books, and CAPS Policies for teachers.

It will assist you as a parent to prepare for exams with your child or any learner.

NEW: In the next two years we are focusing on the following:

Online exams, lessons and tests all accessible on any device with internet. We already started with online lessons and exams.

The old way of papers still count, but will less in the future. You will always be able to download exams and memos and other resources as usual forever and print them, but we need to take the future of education into account, and this is why Online Test, Exams and lessons is taking over. It’s precisely why your child needs to evolve as well and outperform others to achieve the best results and have the best future possible.

Now, what do you need to get started?

Here are some questions about Best Education moms, dads, schools and teachers mostly ask.. 

Yes, we use CAPS only and approval from the department, and all schools across the country need to follow the same work.

Grade 1 – R199 per year

Grade 2 – R199 per year

Grade 3 – R199 per year

Grade 4 – R365 per year

Grade 5 – R365 per year

Grade 6 – R365 per year

Grade 7 – R365 per year

Grade 8 – R365 per year

Grade 9 – R365 per year

We use Ozow.  Everything will be done with them from our side.  

It’s an instant EFT and it will give you access to your grade immediately. 

You may also use Payfast for credit or debit cards and Bitcoin.

Both. For each grade, we have both papers available in Afrikaans and English. Meaning all the subject will be available in Afrikaans and English medium. For instance, you will have access to a grade, and you will click on English to see all the resources available in the language of English. When you click on Afrikaans, you will have all the papers or resources available in Afrikaans.

Yes, all papers have at the end of each document.

No, you will download the resources and print them as you need them.

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Depending on your internet typically about a minute. If you don’t receive an email within at least 8 hours something is wrong, and you will need to contact us via email:

thebest@besteducation.co.za, please email from your registered email address as we will only reply to emails sent from those accounts with us.

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You can download examples of exams here: 

Afrikaans voorbeeld

English Example 

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