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Budgeting, Annual reporting and School Improvement Planning are required to take place across all public schools in the country in a way that contributes towards a functional school environment (Action Plan to 2014: Towards Schooling 2025).
Every school is required to have an annually updated School Improvement Plan, detailing what the key challenges of the school are and how they will be addressed.

Prior to developing a School Improvement Plan, it is essential that school communities undertake School Self Evaluation, in accordance with the National Policy on Whole School Evaluation (Government Gazette Vol. 433: No. 22512 of 26 July 2001, Pretoria).

On this page you will find relevant information for Schools, teachers and Governing-bodies of all school in South Africa.

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Basic Education Law Documents

Basic Education Laws Amendment Act, 2011 – BELA

PAIA Manual
Form A Request for access to record of Public School Body
Form B Notice of Internal Appeal