Gr. 7 Rainbow Mathematics Book 1

Gr. 7 Rainbow Mathematics Book 1

Gr. 7 Rainbow Maths Book 1

IndexGr. 7 CAPS Rainbow Maths Book 1

Gr. 7 Rainbow Maths Book 1 Index
Represent nine-digit numbers
Compare and order whole numbers
Prime numbers
Rounding off to the nearest 5, 10, 100 and 1 000
Calculating whole numbers
Factors and multiples
2-D shapes and 3-D objects
Area, perimeter and volume
Temperature, length, mass and capacity

Commutative property of addition and multiplication
Associative property of addition and multiplication
Distributive property of multiplication over addition
Zero as the identity of addition, one as the identity of multiplication, and other properties of numbers
Divisibility and factors
Money in South Africa
Finances – Profit, loss and discount
Finances – Budget
Finances – Loans and Interest

Square and cube numbers
Square and cube roots
Exponential notation
Estimate and calculate exponents
Estimate and calculate more exponents
Numbers in exponential form
Construction of geometric figures
Angles and sides
Size of angles
Using a protractor
Parallel and perpendicular lines

Construct angles and a triangle
Congruent and similar shapes
Equivalent fractions
Simplest form
Add common fractions with the same and different denominators
Multiply unit fractions by unit fractions
Multiply common fractions by common fractions with the same and different denominators
Multiply whole numbers by common fractions
Multiply common fractions and simplify
Solve fraction problems
Solve more fraction problems
Fractions, decimals and percentages

Percentage increase and decrease
Place value, and ordering and comparing decimals
Writing common fractions as decimals
Decimal fractions
Addition and subtraction with decimal fractions
Multiplication of decimal fractions
Division, rounding off and flow diagrams
Flow diagrams
Input and output values
Perimeter and area
Area of triangles
Area conversion
Understanding the volume of cubes
Volume of cubes
Volume of rectangular prisms
Volume problems
Volume and capacity
Surface area of a cube
Surface area of rectangular prisms
Surface area problem solving

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