Gr. 1 CAPS English FAL Book 1

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Gr. 1 CAPS English FAL Book 1

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IndexGr. 1 CAPS English FAL Book 1

Grade 1 CAPS English FAL Workbooks 1 Index
Hello, what’s your name?
My body
How I look
My birthday
How old are you?
My family
At home
I am clean
I wash myself
What colour is it?
Colours and clothes
Whos’s clothes sit?
Buying clothes
Arriving at school
How I get to school
Road Safety
Crossing the road
Getting ready for school

What I do in class
My schoolbag
Jabo’s bag
Days of the week
Day and night
I like to play with my friends
The games we play
Let’s practise
Fruit and vegetables
Asking at the shop
The food I like
Our pets
What pets do you have?
Farm animals
Old MacDonald has a farm
Wild animals
The munchy munchy caterpillar

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