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Parents watch out for educational websites who influence your children with marketing.

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Be aware of adverts

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As parents, schools or teachers, we always look for new material and resources. When we find it for free or even cheap, we say “wow” this is amazing while not realising what is going on.

We studied three websites in South Africa, specifically in the educational content they provide.  

They advertise worksheets and other resources for very few rands. 



Then we started noticing one main reason why they do this. 



educational websites e-classroom resources and worksheets make influence your child


In short means, they design worksheets specifically with a business or company — for example, a local company or major brands in South Africa. 

These companies are called sponsors for these educational websites, or as we call them “companies on a mission to influence your children to influence you to buy from them (sponsors)”.
In the short run and long run, it influences your child.



Let’s say you have a child in grade 4.  They are busy with food items in LS.  Then food brands or major chains in South Africa sponsor “give money” to an educational website to put their logo, words they want to target your child with or even pictures/logo of their brand in worksheets for you to use for educational help.

Parents are aware this is done to make you buy something from these so-called “sponsors” as your child will stay “mommy no let’s go here I like them, or mommy can we please go to (shop) I know they have…” 

You will not even notice it as these educational websites and companies work hand in hand to influence your hard-earned money to buy from the sponsor of the resource, worksheet or classwork.

Next time think about what you give your children from websites you use.

Schools and teachers should also not be falling into this trap.

Something we will never do at Best Education is to give you resources from companies if they paid for it.  We don’t believe in educating learners of any age to be influenced by companies, but rather give your child information tools and skills to decide what to do and how to be open-minded and reason. 


In conclusion 

Be aware and open your mind to these education companies or educational CAPS websites. Don’t fall into a trap where your whole household may be changing in a few days or even years to come, because you never took notice of how fragile influencing children can be of any age. Their minds are like a sponge; it absorbs critical things. 

Focus on content rather than these educational websites, giving you resources for cheap and clearly state they have sponsors on their websites.

Best Education – proudly educating our parents, teachers and schools. We run no ads or track any of our users. 

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Online tests and exams (to achieve excellence in results 80% +)

Online tests and exams
(to achieve excellence in results 80% +)

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Trying to help your child improve or even pass the grade?

We are designing a course for each grade and subject according to CAPS, therefore you as a learner, parent or teacher can learn according to what should be taught in CAPS and improve results.

Formal exams are included. Some tests get marked by our intelligent system, and others are marked by teachers across South Africa to help improve your child’s results.

Currently only available for Grade 1, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7Grade 8, Grade 9 and Grade 12 – You can find it under the grade as Online CAPS tests and exams.

Enrolling in future Online courses will be automatic for each grade and subject.

Progress will also be shown during the course to keep you as a parent or learner updated on your progress.

CAPS Grade 8 and 4 English course

Each subject will have an outline according to CAPS, and things CAPS does not include which we call filling the GAPS for CAPS.

CAPS Grade 4 English exams and tests online

A correct green mark will show when you complete the lesson and quiz (test) 80% +  or less sometimes is needed to move on. Lessons and tests can be taken as many times as you wish

Articles Grade 4 Online tests CAPS

Online CAPS exams completed save or reset it

Other grades and subjects will follow as we progress.

Certificate of completion will be emailed to Best Education parents, learners or schools when you complete all online lessons.