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Grade 6 CAPS Workbooks

CAPS Grade 6
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Gr. 6 Rainbow English HL Book 1

Gr. 6 CAPS Rainbow English HL Book 1

Gr. 6 Rainbow English HL Book 1

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Gr. 6 Rainbow English Home Language Book 1

Gr. 6 Rainbow English HL Book 1

IndexGr. 6 CAPS Rainbow English HL Book 1

Gr. 6 Rainbow English HL Book 1 Index
What’s in the news
Reading the news
Writing a newspaper article
Write right
Schoolgirl saves boy’s life
Language matters
Caring for ourselves
Talking about the news
How hare tricked Elephant and Whale
Thinking about Hare, Whale and Elephant
How Rabbit tricked Lion and Crocodile
Different types of nouns
The man who bought the shade
In the shadow of a tree
More about language
Tense game

Reading adverts
Designing my own advertisement
Design a travel brochure
Planning a pamphlet
Linking language
Writing a persuasive argument
Poetic and other devices
A dialogue late at night
Oh no Mr Lion!
Planning a play
Reporting on what they say
The fun in poetry
A praise poem for South Africa
Poems around the sun
Write a poem

Baking cupcakes
Writing a recipe
New beginnings and endings
Make these desktop dancers
How I spend a typical day
Writing a letter with directions
What a dictionary tells us
An unbelievable night
More about the crocodile
The next day …
Writing my story
Book review
The young Nelson Mandela
Book review
It continues to happen
Check yourself!

Reading a story
Thinking about characters
Writing a story with believable characters
J?acob gives up
What else does the story tell us?
Plan a story
It happened sometime before
Interview a soccer star
Soccer soccer everywhere
The history of soccer
Writing information text
Descriptive language
It all depends on the weather
The water cycle
Write an information text
What’s on the box??